by Leveler

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(free) 02:06


released December 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Leveler Vancouver, British Columbia


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Track Name: Trophies
Making a home for ourselves
Breaking through the insecurity
Your hearts bleed out on these shelves
Nailed to, the walls of society
We won’t let you fall
We’ll answer the call
To arms, our hearts
Beating out the sound
Track Name: Surfaced and Seething
You said, you’ve had the best of me well here it fucking is

Again & again and it won’t stop
Again & again I've found clarity
It falls like red wax sealing
Letters of words you never said
Gripping your dreams & crushing your head
Falling shorter, your ego has left you brain dead
Gripping, your feelings that hole in your heart
Surfaced & seething it’s tearing you apart
Raging white caps of an endless sea
You are the ballast pressing into me
Pressing into me
Surfaced & seething I’ll tear you apart
Slipping, your feelings are falling short
As I see, stars fade, around me
I shed my skin
I empty, my lungs, healing
It pulls me in
This feeling of the upper hand
Dragging you to the Deep End.
Track Name: Thorns
Bridge the gap between the tactless
and faceless ones
Mundane Monday mornings never
felt like this
You’ve felt fierce
You’ve been pierced
But not like this before
Eradicate with what you create
Sacrifice amenities
you built this yourself
Your lucky stars
Will be counted
On every workers sleeve
It’s so easy just to take
but when the giving gets tough
the tough get going
And when desolation isn’t enough
You’ll save yourself.
Track Name: Continental
Caught between the rocks and that farther place
When it was easier to look at your face
Now it’s beached on the shore
Dried out by the sun
You can’t be loyal
It’s not in your blood
But then I turn the page, in the blackest book
Tore out my rage, torching disdain x2
Born into a house of love so I can clearly see
(Your sea has never been a home for me) G
Born into a house of love so I can clearly see…
That I turned your rage, in your backless book
Tore out the page, Torching disdain x2
You wanted this
Forget in time
You. Just.
Track Name: Oceanic
Slithering wisps of carbon
Raising up to the sky
It’s smoking, your smoking
I complied, you’re cloaking
Going to erupt like black eyes
Waves of ash & soil crash
On this beach we called our shore
Burns soaking, you’re soaked in
As it pours, you’re choking
It hardens over your hollow core.
Track Name: Mantle
Fall – Down – Deceiver
You’re burning your own mantle
With every head you step on
Just to get through the day
I won’t be one of them
In the crowd from which you surfaced
Hold onto what I am
Carrying pieces of the past
Becoming a better man
Knowing what I have suppressed
Held back, not condemned
Not the first but not the last
Pulling teeth never felt so easy
Turn that perfect smile
To something worth lying through
When trying to get by
When looks don’t work for you
Killing dreams never felt so easy
Pulling teeth never felt so easy

Fall down deceiver
Drown all believers
Fall down deceiver
So I don’t have to believe her
Track Name: Hollow Core
Cold ones, start to get colder
Seasons changed, you get older
Time is your faceless enemy
Decaying more, the more you see
I’ll hibernate in this seat
Bar lowered, it’s home for me
Ivory falling makes ambiguity
When this winter coils around me
I need the warmth, of your brooding
Your common hate, your understanding
The fires lit, and keeps growing
This pyres fit, to burn slowly
Melt away from me
Pooled in your waves of ash
You’ve dried out, we’ve clashed
With repeating what I’ve said before
I’ll weld shut that open door and
Melt away from you
Cause everyone I’ve loved melts away
Sticks & stones can build a home
But words can’t make you stay