by Leveler

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released July 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Leveler Vancouver, British Columbia


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Track Name: 7 Years
It’s been 7 years since I found my home
calloused souls, kids all alone
gathered from paper and tape
glued on to telephone poles

Communicate to the unknown (x2)

How can you say what’s right? juvenile laws control juveniles songs
Say your piece it’s not over save your peace for now
Falling down has never felt higher a spark shines in the dark
Savoring sun in a city of rain
Cast out to see, if we can survive
Savoring sun, in this city of rain
Track Name: Casual Abuse
Day after day counting the needles pierced through my eyes I sit in the back seat wondering why your gluttony has got the best of you supported, mobilized, yet strung up on tubes

The young always lose

Control, Throw desire away
Control, Aggression will stay
Control, your feelings are pressed living the life of less

Always the same

Day after day I sit in the back seat wondering why the standards I set I fail inside It’s only casual abuse, abuse

Strung up on tubes
Running to lose
Running to lose
Always apart, one and the same
Track Name: Dark Room (Graduates)
Gathering thoughts while it’s falling ghosts of this, rising, all in

Caught In that dark room again

Clot red blood seeping in

Becoming all you see the only words you speak


“It makes me warmer than a warm body could, holding faster than a warm body should. Taking all the tribulations away, warmer, still I know it won’t stay. Caring, still, pulling me deeper. Staring, still I know it’s here for me.”

A muse a joke hands to be saved but all they do is fucking choke.
Track Name: Begrudged / Falling Through
Going down brace positions

Falling to the ground in which I stand on the ground I stand, when this goes too far.

Hammered to my head the bells that chime when this is dead.

Maybe it’s the way the glass warps your eyes I swear, you stare right through me

It’s that feeling when the plane lands just close your eyes, and hope for the best

Going down Brace positions Grace deficient Keep the conversation growing

Going down Brace positions Grace deficient 6 months until you’re going

When all your feelings are dead and all I’ve said can’t resurrect, when the tombstones been read what we’ve come to expect

It’s tearing me apart, that part of me glaring right from the start

It’s that feeling before the plane lands just close your eyes and hope for the best

It’s that feeling before the plane lands all you’re concealing falling through your hands
Track Name: Sundials
When we were kids, with the sun in our eyes
Blinding our memories, of when innocence dies
Calling names (forgive or forget)
Throwing rocks (recess or regret)
Kicking and screaming because it’s all that you’ve got all you’ve got
It’s on our hands
The memories of your friends
They’re all counting the seconds
Until your memory ends
Stopping when I tried to save you from yourself to take your heart off its shelf forgive or regret it all ends the same so when you start drowning ill forget your name